Helpful Methods to Help You Lose Those Extra 10 Pounds

A dieter should grab hold of any helpful advice he or she can gain access to. Although most of the tips on dieting is a dime a dozen, there are a chosen few that can really provide significant results. As a person on a weight loss mission, you should consider applying any methods to help you lose those extra 10 pounds easily on your daily diet routine.

Use a Mirror When Eating

This doesnít mean that you should hold a mirror while you are munching your dinner. You should place a mirror in front of your dining table or anywhere you can see yourself easily whenever you eat. Some studies reveal that people who constantly see themselves eat slash their food consumption to as much as one-third of their usual eating habits.

Seeing yourself eat can have a significant reaction to the brain who has been set for a specific goal. This would help remind yourself the reason why you are trying to lose weight in the first place.

Put More Vegetables on Your Plate

Seeing a full plate can definitely help you enjoy the meal more. However, filling your plate with unhealthy foods is not the right way to lose weight. Instead of putting too much meat on your dinner plate, bulk up your meal by replacing them with vegetables. Choosing vegetables that can take more space of the plate, like cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes and carrots, is definitely helpful in creating a full plate.

Eat Water-Rich Vegetables

There are studies showing that eating more vegetables that are rich in water can help reduce your daily calorie consumption. Such vegetables that you should think about eating everyday are cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes and more. You can also opt for salads and soups instead of eating solid foods to help your body lose weight faster. Although these foods donít have the same advantage as water, they can still do the trick in keeping your stomach full for a longer period.

Color Instead of White

It has been found that white foods have the tendency to cause the body to gain more weight. Although it is unhealthy not to eat carbohydrates, lessening your daily consumption is advisable. Also, try not to consume food that are rich in white sugar and flour, which can definitely ruin your blood sugar levels thus causing weight gain instead of weight loss.

If you are fond of eating rice, choose the brown variant, which is healthier than the white one. Whole wheat breads and cereals are also very helpful in fending off weight gain and promoting healthy weight loss.

Eat Most of Your Meals At Home

This is the time for you to prepare and eat your food at home. You must remember not to eat outside regularly. Eating your food at the comfort of your own home can help you thoroughly monitor the food you consume. You just donít know what they put on those restaurant foods.

Take Time Chewing Your Food

Eating hastily can cause bloating and gas Ė this is a common truth. On the contrary, eating slowly promotes healthy digestion. Donít depend on your stomach to do all the hard work. Chew your food slowly. Taking some time to chew is definitely helpful in proper nutrient absorption. Furthermore, this allows your brain to tell you accurately that you are full and no longer need food.

This is one of the most useful methods to help you lose those extra 10 pounds in a matter of weeks.

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