Why You Canít Shed 10 Pounds in Two Days

Wanting to shed 10 pounds in two days is probably the extreme desire one could have with regards to weight loss. Though you can still lose a relatively good amount of weight in the span of two days, the toll this can put to the body can be disastrous. Yet most people still seek to lose 10 pounds or more the shortest duration.

On the brighter side of things, a two-day diet is still doable. Although the diet techniques aimed at this sort of rapid weight loss can be difficult to do, with willingness and determination nothing is impossible.

The Cyclone Diet

One popular kind of diet that promises to deliver results in just two short days is the Cyclone Diet. This quick-fix diet can still help you lose weight but it is more likely to improve the bodyís detox methods. In short, a cyclone diet is more of a detox diet.

The diet mainly includes a pack of powder that, when mixed with water, must be consumed three time in the course of 48 hours. The Cyclone Diet is commercially available and even contains helpful herbs to prevent you from fainting if you decide to fast during the diet.

Eating and Exercising

During the course of the Cyclone Diet, you can still eat Ė fasting is only optional. However, bear in mind that there is a limitation to what you can actually consume during the two days of the diet. For starters, you are not allowed to eat meat but instead only raw or steamed vegetables. No caffeine should also be observed during the diet as well as sugar free deserts mainly consisting of yogurt. Salt must also be minimized and prevented if necessary.

Aside from eating the right food, you must also combine it with a two day period of mild exercise routines. For the first day of the diet, you are advised to do a five-mile bicycle ride as well as two miles of running. On the next day, fourteen miles of bicycling is required combined with a light dumbbell routine for about thirty minutes. You must also remember to combine the two-day exercise routine with some mild abdominal crunches.

Side Effects of the Diet

Even though the Cyclone Diet can be considered extreme, the side effects range from mild to none depending if you proceeded with fasting or not. The only obvious effect of the diet is regular bowel movement all throughout the day. For this reason, you must clear your entire schedule and dedicate yourself to the diet. Youíll most likely make several trips to the bathroom.

Possible Results of the Diet

The side effects only prove that the Cyclone Diet is 90% cleansing and 10% weight loss. Remember that the weight loss benefit is only secondary to the detoxification. Fortunately, cleansing has its own benefits to the body. It obviously cleans the body of toxins and excess fat deposits as well as condition the diet for further weight loss regimen.

Just donít expect to shed 10 pounds in two days because the most you can lose is two to four pounds. This is still fairly substantial compared to a 10-pound weight loss in two weeks. However before making the diet a regular habit, you must know that the Cyclone Diet is not designed for prolonged usage.

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